Dive Into The Realm Of Divine Wolf Magic

Learn to Invoke the Power of Wolf's Spirit for Manifestation and Transformation

Workshop From 08th December To 12th December

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We all desire magic in our life. People around the world believe in animal spirits.

Animal spirits can fulfill desires and manifest our wishes. 

Wolf is one of the most clever animals and it is believed that when some work needs the quickest energy to be done, people call Wolf for their assistance.

You can always call a wolf to do some magic for you. 

Wolf Magic Begin Now

Benefits of  learning Wolf Magic

Wolf helps to speed up work

Wolf helps to be a savior in urgent matters

Wolf helps to come out of situations when we lose hope

Used for quick wish manifestation

Effective for immediate health and financial solutions

Get Attuned to the energy of Wolf Spirit

Attunement refers to the process which will give the receiver the ability to channel and work with Wolf Magic energies.

This process will awaken, establish and deepen the student's connection with the Wolf Spirit, allowing them to access and use the energy for miracles and manifestations.

Attunement process is a very sacred and transformative experience which helps one to connect with their own innate potential.

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Course Curriculum

The Wolf Symbol- A Key To Draw Upon The Wolf Spirit's Assistance

The Wolf Prayer- Connect With The Divine Through Sacred Rituals

How To Invoke Wolf Energies For Manifestation

How To Get Your Work Done Within Timeline

How To Make Your Relationship Strong

How To Use Wolf Energies To Solve Unsolvable Problems

How does this work?

The course is scheduled from 08th December to 12th December. It will be conducted through WhatsApp. You will have lifetime access to the course material.

It is a learn-at-your-convenience workshop. Just take 30 minutes daily from your routine.

There is one attunement included in the course. The attunement will be done using a 24-hour timeline. You have to take attunement within that window.

You will be able to use Wolf Energies to help yourself and others after completing this course. You will also be getting FREE Entry to the Abundant Money Activation Live Session on 12th December 2023. 

About the Instructors

Dipti N Jaiswal


Dipti is a Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Grandmaster who started walking on the spiritual path at a very young age and soon realised that her life goal was to help people grow spiritually. Chartered Accountant by qualification, she chose her spiritual calling and have touched hundreds of life through her motto of, 'giving unconditionally'. She has mastered different healing modalities over the years and continuously strives to bring to students advanced yet easy to use techniques for overall growth.

Sapna Gagrani

Sapna is a Reiki Master  whose speciality is clear visions and strong intuition which makes her a great Tarot Card Reader. She can pinpoint exact mental  issues in a healing session and achieves breakthrough using Psychic talks. A true warrior she never backs down from a challenge and is expert in handling the toughest healing cases.  Her child like spirit and enthusiasm make her a perfect Head of our Holistic Child Development Division.

What our students say about this course

This is an unique opportunity to get attuned to the Wolf Energies and Create Magic in Your Life.
Get empowered to Fastrack your manifestation.

INR 1999/-   INR 777/-
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