The Spell Reversal & Imprint Removal Empowerment

A Unique Online Workshop For Spell Removal, Clearing, And Restoring All Your Energy Systems From All Kinds Of Negative Energy Effects!!!

Happening From 27th to 31st March 2024 | Holi Poornima Offer | Get 80% OFF

4,999  ₹ 999

Lifetime Course Access With E-Manual

5 Days Course From 27th to 31st March 2024 To Be Done As per your Convenience

One On One Distant Attunement

E-Certificate For Course Completion

What you will learn:

Functions Of Spell Reversal Clearing Empowerment
What Are Energetic Imprints & How to remove them? 
Imprint Functions And What They Can Be Used For?
Shielding & Prevention From Further And Future Attacks.
The Imprint Removal Empowerment Functions and much more...

If you are interested in becoming a teacher in this modality, you can register post-workshop for teacher training.

Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment

The Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment is to remove harmful curse workings and spells and/or negative imprints stuck in Aura (acting as a blockage for abundance, love, growth, etc) so that the spiritual body can be purified and restored to optimum wellness. It is also designed to work on clearing and purifying the environment to shield the recipient from further negative vibrations.

How Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment works?

    🫧 This modality works in distinct ways, simultaneously activating within your etheric background every time you use it. 

    🫧 The energies put a stop to the harmful curses and spells so that they can no longer harm you or be part of your etheric environment and immediately stop all forms of harmful curses or spells from functioning.

    🫧 As soon as the mechanics of the curse and/or spell have been disabled, they will be removed from your environment and energy body including your Chakras, Aura, and Meridians.

    🫧 This attunement works to clear spells and negative energies from everyday objects if they have been cursed or have come from someone who used them for negative reasons.


The Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment is for you if...

You want to remove negativity.

You want to create a positive, protected environment.

You're looking to reduce stress in your life, the lives of your loved ones & clients

You want to create a strong aura that is shielded from any negativity and unwanted energies in day-to-day life.


Free Aura Cleansing Session worth ₹1999/- to enhance your third eye chakra and make you peaceful.

At the end of the course, you will get a Free Distant Aura Cleansing Healing worth ₹1999/- to deep cleanse your aura, enhance your third eye chakra, and make you peaceful. 

Course Materials

Easy To Follow Instructions

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Total Value: INR 4,999/-

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Get Certified By Abundant Lives Academy!

Yes! You will get a course completion E-certificate personally signed by Master Dipti N. Jaiswal once you complete the course!

How does this work?

Join the WhatsApp group and follow the instructions.

Get initiated into the cleansing energies through the attunement process.

Start practicing the method every day for 15-20 mins.

At the end of the course, get your deep Aura cleansed by the Masters

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Meet Your Instructor

Master Dipti N Jaiswal

Dipti N. Jaiswal is a Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Grandmaster who started walking on the spiritual path at a very young age and soon realised that her life goal was to help people grow spiritually. Chartered Accountant by qualification, she chose her spiritual calling and has touched hundreds of lives through her motto of, 'giving unconditionally'. She has mastered different healing modalities over the years and continuously strives to bring students advanced yet easy-to-use techniques for overall growth.

    What Our Students Have To Share


    What is the time for the workshop?

    It is a learn-at-your-convenience workshop. Every day you have to invest 20-30 minutes at your convenience.

    What is attunement?

    Attunement is a process to establish a connection between your body with an energy system. It is similar to Reiki Attunement.

    How do I get lifetime access to the program?

    You will get the course content on WhatsApp as well as on the website.

    Holi Poornima Offer | Get 80% OFF

    4,999  ₹ 999