Heal Your Past, Transform Your Future

   Release the burdens and negative patterns that have been affecting you and your family for generations.
Open the door to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.
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Intrigued By the Concept of Ancestral Healing? 

Ancestral blockages are energetic patterns passed down through generations. These patterns can manifest as unexplained life challenges, including failed relationships, health issues, and recurring obstacles. Addressing these ancestral traumas paves the way for personal growth and healing. Pitrupaksh, a sacred time, offers a unique opportunity to cleanse your ancestral blockages and embrace a life of harmony, abundance, and vitality.

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Why Ancestral Healing Matters?

Ancestral energy blockages are like imprints of our ancestors' experiences—emotional, physical, and mental patterns that can echo through generations. These patterns can manifest as unexplained life challenges, repetitive struggles, or even health issues.

Did you know? Traumas or unresolved issues from your ancestors' past can influence your present life, causing anxiety, fear, or guilt. But the good news is that healing is possible!

You will heal both the Maternal (mother) line and the paternal (father) line.

Improve Relationships-
Discover The Power Of Forgiveness And Improve Your Interpersonal Connection.
Heal Cellular Memory-
Address The Deep-Seated Traumas Stored In Your Cellular Memory.
Bridge With Ancestors-
Establish A Profound Connection With Your Ancestors And Find Release From Stagnation.
Break Negative Patterns-
Free Yourself From Recurring Negative Patterns That Hinder Your Growth.
Fulfilling Life-
Open The Door To A More Fulfilling And Harmonious Life.

What You’ll Learn

You will undergo two different powerful attunement processes. These will enable you to heal your ancestral issues when practised regularly.

A Special Tarpan ritual will be taught, which is done to please the ancestors during the Shraddh period. It is a very potent and effective ritual.

Apart from Attunement and workshop content, you will also be getting healing for 14 days from the Master for your Ancestral issues.

Please remember this is only once in a once-in-a-year opportunity. This workshop is conducted only during the Shraddh period every year to benefit from the energies of the special portal which is open only during the Shraddh period.

Common Ancestral Baggage Indicators

  •  Miscarriage, Still-births, and Abortions
  •  Murders, Tragic, and Accidental Deaths
  •  Sudden and/or Early Deaths of Spouse/Parents
  •  Broken Relationships/Divorce
  •  Disowned Family Members, Victims, and/or Perpetrators of Crime and/or Injustice
  • Dark Family Secrets
If you recognize any of these in your family tree, its time to address ancestral baggage.

How does this work?


The course is scheduled from 1st October to 14th October. It will be conducted through WhatsApp.

It is a learn-at-your-convenience workshop. Just take 30 minutes daily from your routine.

There are two attunements included in the course. The attunement will be done using a 24-hour timeline. You have to take attunement within that window.

You will be able to heal yourself and others after completing this course. You will also be getting powerful healing from the Master for 14 days.


Gives clarity of thoughts and wisdom
Teaches the importance of Forgiveness, which will help dissolve Ancestral Curses
Helps to understand Karma theory & release the karmic debt from the entire lineage
Helps to resolve/reduce Inherited Ancestral Traumas
Positively impacts your present life situation and helps heal your family and the future generations

About the Instructor

Dipti N Jaiswal is a Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Grand Master, awaits to guide you on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. She has 18 years of experience. She believe that true empowerment comes from within. She helps individuals unlock their true potential, identify limiting beliefs, and create empowering beliefs that pave the way for a more authentic and fulfilling life through personalized coaching sessions. With her expertise in Reiki, a powerful energy healing technique, Dipti N Jaiswal not only provides healing sessions but also trains individuals to become Reiki practitioners themselves. She also offers a range of workshops & training programs thoughtfully designed to enhance your spiritual and emotional growth, equipping you with practical tools and techniques to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.

Help heal your family and the future generation for everyone.

INR 4999/- INR 999/-
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